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A new update for the Minecraft game will be released pretty soon and will bring a large number of different innovations. This time, you can easily download Minecraft 1.14 Village and Pillage, which will bring a large amount of content, among which will be new features, weapons, flowers and more. And to carefully deal with all the updates, we will try to consider each item in detail.


1. New Blocks

2. New Items

3. New Mobs

4. Other Changes

5. Download Links

New Blocks


Scaffolding in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 1

Scaffolding in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 2

Now the game will have new blocks called "Scaffolding", which will allow you to easily create special elements around the buildings under construction. Thanks to it, you can easily move the architectural structure around and get to the required place without problem. These blocks look good and at the same time they are practical, it remains only to take advantage of these updates and everything will work out.


Bamboo in Minecraft 1.14

The game will have a new resource called "Bamboo", which will be generated in the jungle and which will be possible to collect and pile up for later use. This resource can grow in height and drop from pandas, it remains only to find it and then use to create sticks or scaffolding. You will need not that much, so you will certainly not have problems with the stock.

Wither Rose

Wither Rose in Minecraft 1.14

The universal resource that drops after elimination of the Withers. Be extremely careful during the collection of this resource, as your character will be subject to withering for 1 second after collecting the resource. This plant is necessary for the subsequent crafting of Black Dye.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley in Minecraft 1.14

A pretty beautiful and interesting resource that will spawn around the world in green biomes. Lily of the Valley can be used to create the White Dye that will not only look beautiful, but will be just a great addition to your garden. Lily of the Valley can be planted to decorate the environment.


Cornflower in Minecraft 1.14

Cornflower is another beautiful and valuable resource that spawns in green biomes. It can be recognized by its characteristic blue color. If you collect enough of this resource, then subsequently you can use it to create the Blue Dye. You can also plant cornflowers at your territory.


Loom in Minecraft 1.14

An interesting addition to your adventure, which now will be necessary to create flags. The machine will have special cells for placing fabrics and paints, and you can customize its appearance. The flag recipes have been removed from the crafting table and now can be created exclusively on the loom.


Barrel in Minecraft 1.14

Barrel is an interesting and pleasant addition that will allow you not only to decorate your home, but will be a great option to store resources. The features are not yet disclosed, but you will gradually understand what to do with this barrel.


Stonecutter in Minecraft 1.14

Universal machine for subsequent use in the field of stone processing. Its features are unknown so far, but will be disclosed gradually. Most likely, we will be allowed to process the stone and prepare it for further use in the practical and aesthetic direction.

Cartography Table

Cartography Table in Minecraft 1.14

A new machine for active use, which features have not yet revealed. But it will be most likely used to create maps with marks and individual designations.


Lectern in Minecraft 1.14

A new interior element, which will be used as decoration. It will be possible to put a book on it, which will decorate the environment greatly.


Bell in Minecraft 1.14

An interesting object that spawns in the villages. It only rings and has no other functionality.


Smoker in Minecraft 1.14

The updated machine, which is likely to be useful for fans of cooking. It will be possible to use new recipes for cooking.

Smithing Table

Smithing Table in Minecraft 1.14

A separate workbench for crafting various things from metal. Now each direction in the game will have a separate way of crafting.

Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace in Minecraft 1.14

It will be used for melting metals and ore and will be located in villages.

Fletching Table

Fletching Table in Minecraft 1.14

An item to be used to create arrows and bows.


Grindstone in Minecraft 1.14

A universal tool table that allows you to destroy the enchantment of items. In this case, you will return a small part of the experience and, if desired, even be able to combine two broken items. It already has cells to use, two for input and one for output.


Lantern in Minecraft 1.14

An updated light source that not only shines brighter, but also serves for a long time and looks much better. Its crafting will require iron and torch, therefore you can use the lanterns at each convenient case.

New Items


Crossbow in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 1

Crossbow in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 2

A new type of weapon that is vastly superior to a bow in both ability and effectiveness. It inflicts much more damage, but has a long reload. Its unique feature is the ability to shoot a missile. As for new enchantments, they are the following:

  • Multi-Shot – enables you to shoot three projectiles in different directions;
  • Quick Charge – greatly increases reload speed;
  • Piercing – a unique ability that gives the projectiles a high penetrating power.

New Mobs


Panda in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 1

Panda in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 2

Pandas are new inhabitants of the Minecraft world, which can be aggressive, calm, sick and sad. You can find them in the jungle, where they like to eat bamboo. If you kill a Panda, you will assuredly obtain the bamboo resource, the animal has 20 health and the minimal damage.


Pillager in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 1

Pillager in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 2

A new aggressive mob that moves in groups and attacks villages. Not wearing armor, but inflicts a lot of damage. If you destroy a group of pillagers, you can get a crossbow. Most of them drops a leather armor.


Ravager in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 1

Ravager in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 2

A quite large mob that is aggressive and attacks the villagers. Actively attacks the farms and destroys the crop. Has 100 health points and drops the saddle.

Other Changes

New Function: Give Feedback and Report Bugs

Give Feedback and Report Bugs Minecraft 1.14

Now the Game Menu has special items that allow you to give a feedback or report a bug. The form is quite simple, so you can deal with it quickly. With this feature players will be able to report various bugs quickly and just make the game better.

Pillager Patrols

Pillager Patrols in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 1

Pillager Patrols in Minecraft 1.14 screenshot 2

A massive band of Pillagers, which consists of four members and a Ravager. There is a boss among them who wears a flag over his head and has individual characteristics. It can be difficult to fight with the squad due to the fact that they will attack aggressively, Pillagers will attack from afar, and a Ravager will go into melee. If you destroy the entire squad you can get a good drop from them, among which can be valuable resources and a brand new crossbow. But it is necessary to understand that this patrol will often attack you or nearby villages, so you should think well about the defense.

Now you have information about the new patch. It is quite large and serves as the basis for all subsequent updates. It remains only to wait for the release and it will be immediately available for download from our website. We highly recommend you to install it, as an official content expansion is always a good thing. Have a nice game!

Download Links

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)


Next version:

Download Minecraft 1.14.1

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no me sirve
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YES! I like the update! I love this! I like the crossbow, new villager cloth, raid, items and more!
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крутая версия в маене это 1.14
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это версая какашка (хотя я ище ейо не за пускал)
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1.4.4 minecraft ?
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tréé tréé bien
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oao ao hi
Coolsunshine147112/09/2019 21:35
im pro ravangers so ez to defeat.. minecraft doesent have a challenge pillager patrol ugh so ez when update comes minecraft,make a challenge for me so ez
Frostgamez189212/09/2019 17:17
it wont work for me Tlauncher doesnt work for some strange reason
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нас обманули ещё будет 1.14.4 это последняя версия (ну не совсем последняя) потом будет и ещё 1.15
Alfikk110/07/2019 08:26
Норм мне нравится
krikys07/07/2019 11:04
а когда выйдет версия со скинами
Fiocat29/06/2019 16:34
Эта версия очень классная ! Было очень интересно играть .
Kotik_Nastya25/06/2019 16:06
ои тоесть оочень круто мне нравится там много чего нового
Kotik_Nastya25/06/2019 16:05
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Крутой версия но не могу зайти
VineRun1111114/06/2019 10:47
эта версия 1.14 хорошо работает у меня я установил текстурки там крутые
VineRun1111114/06/2019 10:45
я Вайнран круто
nikitonas12/06/2019 09:30
версия 1.14 хорошо работает но добавте пожалуйста оружия хотябы ато пожалуюсь и взорву ваш офис ине забудьте зделать оптфайн пожалуйста ок
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Artem2009S23/05/2019 16:32
Когда будет OptiFine на майнкрафт 1.14
Gopnik_Matfey22/05/2019 06:34
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_APATHY_18/05/2019 11:56
Жду OptiFine!! ))0
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artemskosirskiu18/05/2019 09:12
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masadar15/05/2019 18:36
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Vanyaha_114/05/2019 21:34
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bond200909/05/2019 18:55
супэр прикольные разбойники
_ModerGames_09/05/2019 17:00
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_NightmareArtem_09/05/2019 14:30
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VikaChy07/05/2019 10:08
у меня все норм)
superbananer2207/05/2019 08:00
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страшновато теперь играть с чудищами разбойников, а так круто!
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Вобще КЛАСС!
Sanek_Play1506/05/2019 06:40
А когда будет Forge 1.14 ,просто на некоторых сайтах с модами есть моды 1.14 !?!?!
Da_s_ha05/05/2019 06:10
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