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A launcher with mods – TLauncher! Mod-pack system is already available!

System of mod-packs in TLauncher
We’ve been working hard for a long time for the features really useful to you – a Mod-pack system (Mod-pack = a collection of mods) and we present it to the general public at last. This article contains everything you need to know about this system and why it’s one of the best Minecraft launchers on the market.


TLauncher Terraria – the whole truth!

Лого TerrariaIf you’ve heard that now TLauncher for Terraria is available for downloading, we inform you that it’s a blatant lie! We’ve never developed such products and don’t even going to, but somebody is trying to make money on our popularity. Trying to sell empty apps (and not only for Terraria) they are not only stealing your money but are also putting viruses into your devices! Doing that they are trying to discredit and spoil the reputation of your beloved TLauncher.