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Minecraft Story Mode will help plunge into the world of Minecraft which has its own plot and its heroes, the main of which is Jesse. He and his friends will not voluntarily go on a thrilling adventure, filled with dangers, as well as funny situations.

The player will not have to be bored as the game, because the plot is really exciting, and the rice will not leave anyone indifferent. The game is divided into episodes, we have on the site presented all the episodes, download Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 is free via torrent! Links and installation is at the end of the article!


Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 - The Order of Stone
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 - Assembly Required
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 - The Last Place You Look
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 - A Block and a Hard Place
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 - Order Up!
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 - A Portal to Mystery
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 - Access Denied
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8 - A Journey's End?
Links and installation on Windows
Links and installation on Android
Minecraft Story Mode Season 2

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 - The Order of Stone

The pilot episode of Minecraft: Story Mode will introduce you to the game universe, already, however, famous fans of the original Minecraft. In this world, four marketables — the architect Soren, the warrior Gabriel, the Master of the Red Stone Jellgord and the Rogue Magnus — defeated the Dragon of the land and disappeared, leaving their names in legends and tales.

However, the main characters of the story were ordinary teenagers: the builder Jesse, Axel, Olivia and their pet, hand piggy Ruben. The narrative begins with the competition Jenderkon, for the victory in which it is necessary to present to judges the most creative statue. This time friends managed to take the main prize, but one of the team members of the opponents pours lava and ignites disguise suit pig. Jesse finds his pet in the forest, but this is not the end of his troubles-around begin to appear monsters, and the only weapon is a wooden sword...

Together with the protagonists you will participate in a (highly doubtful) trading operation and become a witness to the awakening of the present Universe evil — Wither, which appeared from a bad recipe. To save the world, the protagonists will have to go through the depths of hell and go back to re-assemble the legendary team of the Order of Stone.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 Screenshot 1

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 Screenshot 2

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 Screenshot 3

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 - Assembly Required

After the events of the first episode before there is an extremely important task: to collect together the remnants of the ancient Order of stone and defeat Wither. The plot in the second episode is divided into two branches. On what to go you have the right to choose yourself.

If you decide to go to  for Red Stone Jellgord, then get ready for a serious test of building abilities! At the meeting the legendary Master of Red Stone activates the dome of concentration, which cannot be reached by outsiders. The main characters meet Kelvin — her protégé, who explains that Jellgord is busy with the invention of the command block. To get into the rest of the engineer, you have to find all the parts for the repeater and collect it or use other, less honest methods.

The second branch is devoted entirely to rails Magnus. At the entrance to the portal you will immediately get to his city boom town, where riots, robberies and robberies reign. Magnus tells the protagonists that he can not leave the city while wearing the title of King. To change the ruler can only the warrior who won him in a fair fight. Jesse agrees to take the fight on condition that Magnus will succumb. But will everything go according to plan?

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2 Screenshot 1

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2 Screenshot 2

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 - The Last Place You Look

The path to Soren is closed along with the walls of the library, and now our heroes will have to look for another way to the architect-all the forgotten hero, the only one who can cope with the arid storm. Will Jesse and his friends get out of the dark dungeon, infested monsters? Will they find a way to cure the wither disease of Petra or Gabriel? Will they have a chance to defeat the storm, or are they forever trapped in the trap while it absorbs the measurement behind the dimension?

In the new episode you will find yourself straight in the edge, where you have to walk neatly and with a lowered head — because around some jendermeny, which is so easy to anger...  Perhaps this is where the architect's secret shelter is located?

Now the only hope of the order is the hyper-bomb — a weapon of monstrous destructive force, capable of detonating any block. The future of the world is in your hands!

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 - A Block and a Hard Place

As a result of the events of the last episode, the sapping storm became even stronger, because the command block responsible for its epicenter was never destroyed, despite the brought of the victim. This time, the team comes Ivor, who, as it turned out, programmed the storm to follow the amulet.

Hope is settled in the hearts of the heroes, when they learn about the way to destroy the command block — let it be by no means easy. To find a special enchanted book, the order goes straight to the far lands, where it is waiting for meetings with witches, battles with monsters and cunning traps. Here the heroes will learn the darkest secret of the order of stone...

Jesse and Ruben decide to fight the storm face to face and go straight to its epicenter. But will our heroes get rid of it definitively? What other sacrifices will they have to bring to end the destruction

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 - Order Up!

The world is saved, and the old order of Stone, which received fame by deception, is forgotten. Our Heroes (Jesse, Petra, Axel and Olivia) are becoming the new order. However, they do not sit on the spot: In search of adventure they go to an ancient temple in the depths of the impenetrable jungle. Inside the temple, Jesse and his friends solve the puzzle and find a mysterious enchanted flint.

As it turned out, it is able to open a portal to the Celestial city, where construction without demand is forbidden, and somewhere in the depths of the palace is an eternal source of endless resources. However, the first in the portal are not the main characters, and members of the gang Blaze rods (former ocelots), who are tracking the new order and decide to destroy the distant world.

In an attempt to stop the villains, our heroes build a bridge to the Heavenly city, under which, according to legend, only emptiness. However, for the illegal construction of Jesse and other members of the order are imprisoned. To save the city from destruction and stop Aidan, you have to return a good name and prove that the main villain is not the Order...

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 - A Portal to Mystery

Having got out from the heavenly city which inhabitants have received new horizons for habitation, the order gets in a mysterious hall with portals, leading unknown where. Going into one of them, our heroes find themselves in a cemetery with hundreds of zombies. In one of the tombs, Jesse finds a book with an invitation to the manor.

Inside the manor The order meets a group of popular YouTube-bloggers — CaptainSparklez, Torquedawg, DanTDM, Cassie Rose and others. Suddenly they begin to die one after another: Torquedawg dies from a shot from a hidden dispenser, and CaptainSparklez chokes in a pit. Then a mysterious villain named White Pumpkin announces to all guests that he is looking for enchanted Flint and will not stop killing until he gets it.

Will you be able to get out of the manor while the survivors are blaming each other, trying to find the real killer? Investigate and uncover all the mysteries of the castle. And the main thing — do not lose your head from fear of traps!

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 - Access Denied

In search of the way home the order again appears in a room with many portals. This time they go straight to Crown Mesa, where all living creatures and natural phenomena are managed by Paum (the prototype of an automatic control machine) — a sinister supercomputer, took control over all people in order to make them «useful».

Jesse and his friends go to meet with the computer, who asks them, from what world they arrived and for what purpose. In the process, he puts chips on the heads of Petra and Lucas, making them their servants. The other members of the order have to flee with Harper, a creator computer whose experiment has gone out of control.

Will the heroes get to the heart of the supercomputer and disarm it before it turns all the inhabitants to one in their faithful minions without a drop of reason? What is the future of the Crown Mesa town? You will learn all this in the seventh episode of Minecraft: Adventure Mode!

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8

Download Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8 - A Journey's End?

After surviving a magical storm, attacking a maniac in an old manor and bloodthirsty artificial intelligence, Jesse's team will have to go through the last, possibly deadly, test. At stake is not only the life of each of the members of the order, but also a special artifact — Atlas, which will help the heroes find their way home.

After passing through the door, the members of the order are the participants of the game in Splif for survival. Jesse becomes the only survivor and tries to use his sword, breaking the rules of the game. The rest of the team come alive, but go to the mines to extract quartz.

Organizers of the tournament, ancient builders Hadrian, Otto and Mevia tell about the rules of the game. Later, Jesse learns from other players that some Tim managed to win the tournament and gain freedom.

But is it really? Will you be able to win ruthless games with cruel rules and return home safe and sound? Will this adventure really be the last of friends?

Links and installation on Windows

Attention! Need a torrent client, for example μTorrent!

Download torrent file (includes all 8 episodes of the game!)


1) Download via torrent and mount the disk image (e.g. via UltraISO or DAEMON tools).
2) Run «Setup.exe» and check the box next to «Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir».
Codex checkbox
3) Press the «Install» button.
4) Play!

Links and installation on Android

Download Minecraft Story Mode for Adreno

Download Minecraft Story Mode for Mali

Download Minecraft Story Mode for PowerVR

Download Minecraft Story Mode for Tegra

1) Download the link above the game by your type of video accelerator (PowerVR, Adreno, Mali, Tegra).

Question: What does it mean?
Answer: Phones on Android set, and in different models are used different graphics accelerators, you need to know what, just write in the search engine (for example, Google): «Your phone model of the accelerator» and there already find the answer.

2) Unpack the downloaded archive and copy the Minecraft+Story+Mode-v.1.37-Unlocked.apk file to your phone.

3) Folder com.telltalegames.minecraft100 copy to your phone on the way/android/obb/

4) Go to the File Manager and run the file Minecraft+Story+Mode-v.1.37-Unlocked.apk, follow the instructions to install the game.

5) Run, go to the menu «episodes» and download the right!

Note: If you try to install a game with a video accelerator different from yours, the game will simply not start or there are bugs with textures.


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