Minecraft 1.13.2 Java Edition Download

Лого Minecraft 1.13.2Developers collected information for several months on their version 1.13 and 1.13.1 to detect and fix serious problems in performance. Therefore, this version was born!

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Horse Debug Info for Minecraft 1.13

Horse Debug Info screenshot 1Minecraft is a unique world where even horses have unique characteristics. Modification Horse Debug Info offers players a real «horse X-rays», which will instantly learn all the characteristics of a nearby horse.


Rift: Neat for Rift for Minecraft 1.13

Rift: Neat for Rift screenshot 1Rift: Neat for Rift – a modification for Minecraft, which simplifies the role-playing component of the game. Minecraft – a project that combines a huge number of genres, including RPG elements, so it is important to always know about the characteristics of the enemy or ally. 


Chroma Blocks for Minecraft 1.13

Chroma Blocks screenshot 1Chroma Blocks for Minecraft is a real godsend for perfectionists. This time the developers decided not to update the gameplay component of the game, and to stop on decorative items to decorate the already bright world of Minecraft. 


ProtoCharset for Minecraft 1.13

ProtoCharset screenshot 1Modification ProtoCharset is a multifunctional creative tool that will help developers of mods in creating new interesting additions. Please note that presented modification is a modified version of Modloader. If you have previously worked with this supplement, then to deal with ProtoCharset will be quite simple.


Rift: Wastelands for Minecraft 1.13

Rift: Wastelands screenshot 1Popular theme Post Apocalypse got to the cubic universe. Thanks to fashion Rift: Wastelands for Minecraft will open the opportunity to add to all existing biomes present ruins. The new world adheres to the same rules as the original biomes. 


VanillaDeathChest for Minecraft 1.13

VanillaDeathChest screenshot 1Death in the world of Minecraft is a very unpleasant event, as the hero loses his entire inventory. VanillaDeathChest is a modification, partially resolves the current problem. Of course, the immortal hero becomes the lost things find quickly. 


Xray for Minecraft 1.13

Xray screenshot 1Xray Mod is an immortal classic for Minecraft. Translated from English X-ray is an X-rays, so the player gets similar abilities. Namely Eagle Vision, which allows you to see through the walls.  Note that in multiplayer mod is cheat, so there is a great chance to get a ban on the server. Xray screenshot 2


Gamemode Fix for Minecraft 1.13

Gamemode Fix screenshot 1The modification Gamemode Fix for Minecraft is a supplement that would slightly simplify the standard game process of the cubic sandbox. Presented mod works in conjunction with «Ghostbusters mode» and allows you to return the original gameplay. 


Creative Expansion for Minecraft 1.13

Creative Expansion screenshot 1Creative Expansion is a great mod for Minecraft, which will be to the taste of the designers living in the cubic universe. The motto of NASA modification: Add new colors to the familiar world of Minecraft. Show a little imagination and your construction will notice from afar.