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The update aims to add new items and blocks related to the game fauna. It is already known about the implementation of bees and related blocks.

Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees release date: December 10, 2019!

No release date has been announced, but more information about the update will be available at MINECON on September 28, 2019. Of course, old bugs will be fixed and the game performance will be improved.


1. New Blocks

2. New Items

3. New Mobs

4. Download Links

New Blocks

Bee nests 

Bee nests in Minecraft 1.15

Let's start with the Bee nest. They can be found in flower forests and on 2 types of plains.

Bee Minecraft 1.15

The amount of honey in the nest will increase as the bees return back to the nest, also, the number of honey can be estimated by the texture of the nest, there are 5 levels. The screenshot shows the 5th level:

5 level Bee nests in Minecraft 1.15

To harvest honey, you need to click the RMB on the nest with an empty flask, at the same time, you should ”stupefy” the bees putting a source of smoke, such as a fire, under the nest, otherwise the bees will be aggressive and kill you.

Fog bee nests Minecraft 1.15

Also, you can collect honeycombs from the nests with scissors, simply by clicking the RMB on the nest. You should not break the Bee nest, as the bees will become aggressive towards you, and even the fire will not help.

Bee hives

Bee hives in Minecraft 1.15

Let’s proceed to the Bee hive. To craft it, we need: 6 planks of any type and 3 honeycombs.

Craft bee hives in Minecraft 1.15

An alternative to the Bee nest. It has the same properties as the nest, but the hive can be broken with an axe, and it will drop, and the nest will drop only when it is destroyed by the tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. The 5th level of the hive:

5 level Bee hives Minecraft 1.15

New items

Honey bottle

Honey bottle in Minecraft 1.15

Suitable for consumption, restores 6 hunger points. Used to craft sugar, in the amount of 3 pieces:

Craft sugar honey bottle in Minecraft 1.15


Can be obtained by clicking the RMB on the nest or hive. Used in crafting Bee hive.

Bee spawn egg

Bee spawn egg in Minecraft 1.15

Used to spawn adult and baby bees.

New mobs


Bee in Minecraft 1.15

Has 10 health points. They live in groups near the hives and nests. Avoids any contact with water, so if the bee is aggressive, you can hide under water for a while.

If you attack the hive or the bee, all the bees nearby will attack you, similar to wolves, also changing the texture:

Злая пчела в Minecraft 1.15

If the bee attacks you nevertheless, then you will receive the Poison status effect for 10 seconds, and after some time (about 50-60 seconds) the attacking bee dies from the loss of a sting:

Poison in Minecraft 1.15

Bees can be bred using different flowers, also they will follow you if you hold a flower in your hands. The growth of the plant can accelerate with some chance after bee pollination of the flower.

Download Links

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

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Download Minecraft 1.15.1

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I love bees and when 1.16 "Nether Update" release?
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CBC_SamCrafter23/01/2020 12:21
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wks318/01/2020 22:19
да 1.15 ета крута но. кагда будет 1.16 пажалуста скажте штото хтота будед ???????????????? апака я буду кушать ???????????????? ???? ???? ???? ???? дозавтра !
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Konnorwash31/12/2019 01:24
ACompExp30/12/2019 09:22
I am happy that they changed finally the background of 1.15 main menu. I also noticed before that the iron golem's texture was missing before the 1.15 update was done. But the skin still wasn't added for 1.15. The same thing I also noticed with 1.14. It took several weeks for the optifine for 1.14. The same thing is still happening with 1.15. I hope they do update it. Apart from that, this version is extremely playable.
VitoriaCollins29/12/2019 16:26
vcs ja colocaram a nova atualizaçao no tlauncher?
NarTrekk0128/12/2019 22:54
When is Optifine coming?
Espectro9825/12/2019 23:30
boludo cuando va a salir la vercion 1.15 en tl y optifine
teope11025/12/2019 15:06
No skin supported :(
Behradgamer23/12/2019 07:50
Why the main screen is still for 1.14 not 1.15 ??
PanPieselYT22/12/2019 23:58
Pls add skins chrismtas coming and no skins available? i going to make a new christmas skin! pls update it or i will be "angry" GR WR
SamuelCrafter33722/12/2019 07:52
Are you ready to supported our skin? Christmas is almost come and our skin is no supported yet?! Supported now!
topernomer1lol21/12/2019 18:09
SamuelCrafter33719/12/2019 02:54
It's been a long time! Our skin not yet supported! Please don't tell me our skin will be supported in next year?! No God! No God please no! No! No!
xxsudharsanxx18/12/2019 15:15
cavixi17/12/2019 21:27
Eu não consigo jogar na 1.15, eu consigo entrar no menu do jogo, mas quando vou entrar em algum mapa, não entra, o carregamento fica no 0%, por favor me ajude!
terafil17/12/2019 19:10
FireShow35017/12/2019 16:52
yellowgamer143017/12/2019 14:02
pls make 1.15 optifine pls update it pls
yellowgamer143017/12/2019 14:00
pls make 1.15 optifine pls update it pls
AlbinPlayz17/12/2019 13:34
make optifine
SamuelCrafter33717/12/2019 05:22
Soo? I sorry my username is Not SamuelCBCB337 anymore. My username is SamuelCrafter337.
SamuelCBCB33717/12/2019 02:01
You see Mojang gang?! There's a lot of people saying have to "OPTIFINE OUR SKIN!" Why?! TELL ME!
ralgoden16/12/2019 20:50
не ну норм спс тлаунчер
kimptonplayz16/12/2019 15:20
add optifin i know you will
RagingCharge16/12/2019 03:55
please add optifine version of this update so that i can get my skin in the game
RagingCharge16/12/2019 03:55
please add optifine version of this update so that i can get my skin in the game
polaco99915/12/2019 23:22
mehmet02050415/12/2019 22:38
Çok güzel ama golemler degişik
Markgamer515/12/2019 19:32
it is coll
eduniker15/12/2019 19:05
alipablo15/12/2019 16:48
MrFauzahnGames_F15/12/2019 14:27
ПРИВЕТ я вижу что моём Тлаунчере всё работает. Разработчики сделайте 1.15 Optifine на Optifine всё играют.
PrestonPLZ15/12/2019 13:43
Hmm cool
TTR0V0DNIK15/12/2019 12:14
ТЛ сделайте OPTIFINE! на 1.15!
SamuelCBCB33715/12/2019 09:30
And even, where the goat? Of course 1.15 update have mountain update but is not release! I want to see the goat in Minecraft! I soo angry! >:(
baidinmakar15/12/2019 07:56
Yangshin_Ogari15/12/2019 06:38
ITS COOL THOUGH BUT AT THE SAME time its boring can we atleast add something that can to our homes? and more animals like snakes tigers bears cats birds and more animals from the real world?
a4f415/12/2019 06:26
nnn108715/12/2019 05:23
1.15 is coming!
Mishihao14/12/2019 22:02
ya' like jazz?
wKY0gzIHJmZaskGk14/12/2019 16:59
crepper tnt man
wKY0gzIHJmZaskGk14/12/2019 16:50
asilBEK hahaha lol yours mineacrft you noob I kill you now night\/
wKY0gzIHJmZaskGk14/12/2019 16:48
you silbek setup man
WisinGamer14/12/2019 16:20
Latest Snaphot 1.15.1-Pre1 :D
martinnobygamerxdxdxdxd14/12/2019 15:15
soy nuevo en esta version pero caga un poco porque no esta la version 1.15 para que se muestre la skin
Tabbyplayz14/12/2019 14:17
KatsukiKiller14/12/2019 13:57
Cool but im still gonna play the 1.14.4 because it doesnt have the Tlaucher logo on the 1.15 that mean i cant see my skin (sorry for my grammar)