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There was a new interesting event, namely the release of Minecraft version 1.16.1! At the same time, version 1.16 was released a day earlier, such frequent and early releases did not happen so often in history. But this is not the most surprising, because this update contains only one fix!

Minecraft 1.16.1 Nether Update release date: 06/24/2020.

The client and server of this version is not compatible with the previous 1.16, which means that you need and are recommended to use the current version at the moment. To start playing right now in the new version, just follow a couple of steps: download Minecraft 1.16.1 and install the game, you're done!


1. Changes

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This update can boast only one bug fixed, namely a crash fix with the problem java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1. It appeared in version 1.16 in the Realms menu, this is the only change.

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1.16.1 Released!!!

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ouail_X805/07/2020 22:21
please optifine and skins
CharaKawaii2705/07/2020 22:20
would u plss can add skins to the 1.16.1 plss it seems like its isn´t difficult speak english in public :u
Omarkhan9705/07/2020 21:04
Guys please add skins in 1.15.2 i played with the other skin and kept some pets like wolfs and then this 1.16.1 update came and my skins are not working and my wolfs doesn't recognize me they don't even stand up they just sit in their places so please add skins my wolfs and cats doesn't recognize me i cant play this update without my wolfs and cats so once again request you guys to please please add the skins.
GarCatXL05/07/2020 20:25
please put the optifine version in 1.16 and 1.16.1 ga
itsAndrewYT05/07/2020 18:29
skin work tutorial part 1 https://youtu.be/B42mpHtcyc8 pART 2 https://youtu.be/kz8CyAPK4gI
SluggishBrazz05/07/2020 18:04
Doggie4305/07/2020 17:06
End546705/07/2020 13:07
AssasinNick05/07/2020 11:17
Does it support skins tho
enzo31323305/07/2020 09:47
ShinobuKch05/07/2020 09:10
and add optifine with skin
ShinobuKch05/07/2020 09:08
add skin please, i want survival with skin
opilzdaad05/07/2020 07:40
ارجو اضافة الجلد
opilzdaad05/07/2020 07:39
متي سوف ينزل الاسكنات
Ataya_ismail05/07/2020 05:04
add skin pls :)
gamerprominecraftking05/07/2020 02:45
not working لا تعمل
Rella3205/07/2020 01:17
Uh, hello can you guys PLEASE PLEASE add the skins? i mean i know it's hard and all to brought us the update not too late, but if you guys could with optifine, i guess skins are low harder than that, i mean optifine changes the game COMPLETELY and the skins Well they are only skins, if you guys could, i would be SO happy, because i. Will not play this update without skin
FrangodxBR04/07/2020 23:32
add skin pls
vladmistik04/07/2020 21:20
когда уже выйдет версия TL 1.16.1,хочу со скинами уже поиграть
nanocayo91904/07/2020 21:14
la hablo a tlauncher
nanocayo91904/07/2020 21:12
amigo porfavor actualizan los mods porque no se puede jugar a la nueva versión con skin porque el mod de skin solo esta para la 1.15.2
calmemasterchief04/07/2020 20:43
feli9e04/07/2020 20:09
me encanta
Mateogu04/07/2020 16:12
Hola como estan yo bien
Mateogu04/07/2020 16:12
Hola como estan yo bien
Timkaklacc04/07/2020 15:21
Можно без скинов, плиз?
ERN283404/07/2020 14:32
please skin please
Noelic04/07/2020 12:47
Found a fix. Just go to .minecraft folder and run the old-tlauncher.exe file and you're back to before the update.
Noelic04/07/2020 12:23
For some reason the profile doesn't work. I mean, even on versions that doesn't support skins you still get the Alex body type if you've got it set to that, but not this one. Used to work but not after the launcher update. My main problem is that I had a lot of cured villagers with reduced prices but now they don't recognise me anymore as their saviour. Is there any way this is gonna get fixed? Cause I don't wanna convert them again.
EzC04/07/2020 11:10
штоза абновление тупоие
EzC04/07/2020 11:09
где скин [****]
gryffindor_00104/07/2020 10:02
bring the skins back
kean7204/07/2020 09:32
Save skin!
opilzdaad04/07/2020 09:23
متي سوف ينزل الجلد
opilzdaad04/07/2020 09:17
اين الجلد
groot1234504/07/2020 08:40
where is the Skin?
Mr_Piccolo04/07/2020 07:42
where is the Skin?
Rwnn04/07/2020 07:25
where's the skin on the tlauncher 1.16.1 and 1.16
PeterCabar04/07/2020 03:42
Hago Skins Quien Quiere? mi instagram : soypeteryt
zlAlexDlz04/07/2020 03:18
Kv1NNN04/07/2020 02:11
muy buena actualisacion
GamesOfDeebo04/07/2020 00:22
TerranceChew03/07/2020 21:08
I like it!
cochayuyo1003/07/2020 20:26
cuando van arreglar lo de las skins
AQM_202003/07/2020 20:23
No se paner mi skin
VoidedBadger52903/07/2020 19:32
My Skin it is not showing Plz Add 1.16.1 IN TLAUNCHER
SrllRoAcHll199603/07/2020 18:52
Habra actualización de skins ? o ya no pueden arreglarlo ?
zanag_o03/07/2020 18:45
Почему у нас с другом не получаеться играть на версии 1.16-1.16.1? Если что мы играем по хамачи и у нас работает играть на 1.15.2 и ниже версиях!?!?!?!
theresin67803/07/2020 18:33
no puedo mi eskin
AndreyRex03/07/2020 18:14
porfavor arreglen lo de la skin
IsaacRangersYT03/07/2020 18:09
entro al juego y por que no se ve mi skin
thenate_YT03/07/2020 18:02
pongan pieles para 1.16.1 porfavor
YousPortYT03/07/2020 17:30
Просто норм Эта адское абновление
lucasxdr5203/07/2020 16:21
Hola que ase
sillenthunter2403/07/2020 15:19
please add skins asap
1Darian103/07/2020 13:50
where is my skin
1Darian103/07/2020 13:49
My skin where is!!
dominikabiuka103/07/2020 12:49
круто но я непонимаю как скачать
sashshabunin03/07/2020 12:42
вау 1.16.1 ура
M7MDGGYT03/07/2020 12:39
skins :( plz
GapGoop_03/07/2020 12:10
Allow skins for 1.16
Stromplaze1234503/07/2020 11:45
skins plz
Syncrash03/07/2020 11:03
itsDarkusYT03/07/2020 10:54
i just joined herobrine.org the skins are working!
itsDarkusYT03/07/2020 10:54
hey guys i know trick make a modpack of 1.16.1 and copy paste the tl skin mod 1.15.2 into 1.16.1 the sins will work!
Awesomeness74203/07/2020 10:46
My skin isn't showing in it
oshimi34503/07/2020 10:43
ok what the frick
JokTon12303/07/2020 10:21
Di su skinovi
survivorpro45603/07/2020 10:03
wheres the skins?
ElegantMagic03/07/2020 08:42
i have a problem that if i use anvil or enchantment table the whole game crashes please help me
ivvan0203/07/2020 08:19
Skins Please
ScorterMan03/07/2020 06:55
¿Cómo puedo añadir mi piel? :c
mazen10samir03/07/2020 04:42
How can i add my skin at this ?
Faxoriuss03/07/2020 03:36
skins pleasee
shuerk77703/07/2020 02:45
no me gusta salgo sin piel
manudiaz103/07/2020 02:04
no megusta que no me apares la skin pere del resto bien
Maxi456_YT03/07/2020 01:14
no me gusta porque no tiene skins mal tlauncher mal
dolxey02/07/2020 23:10
si pero no me aparece la skin
antoni119602/07/2020 23:02
hola putos ta chida la nueva version de maicra
IsaacRangersYT02/07/2020 21:54
buena me encanta la nueva version de minecraft
justfabry02/07/2020 21:27
pelli per favore
alevararcen02/07/2020 20:14
skins please
PukaMen02/07/2020 19:09
В одиночном мире сбросились достижения, мда)
Eafs7602/07/2020 19:08
la verde quiero un monto n esta vesion aria todo para tenela
YarikOne02/07/2020 19:03
Когда добавят поддержку скинов.
Eafs7602/07/2020 19:03
o jala pudiera tene esta vesion pero buneo :,,(
Eafs7602/07/2020 19:00
a mi me encanto es la vesion que mes me gusto de toda la vida
KoVer_PlaY_YT02/07/2020 18:31
Дауны для скинов нужен оптифайн это не от создателей сайта зависит а от моджанг
flamirina02/07/2020 18:07
Не, ну серьёзно! Можете сказать, когда примерно мы сможем играть со скинами? Мы дождёмся, главное-скажите, сможем ли мы вообще со скинами на 1.16 версии поиграть? Я понимаю, что на это уйдет много времени. Просто ответьте, в силах ли вы это сделать?
Fuel_Wild02/07/2020 18:06
quero skin na 1.16.1 pf
Fuel_Wild02/07/2020 18:05
opa galera #skin1.16.1
xenolthepool02/07/2020 17:20
wow never saw this nulber of retard in one single comment section truly interesting
samuelortiz6902/07/2020 16:54
no se me pone la skin :v
SIMONKY_T0202/07/2020 16:48
I Wabnt My skin 1 }:v
Choco_YT02/07/2020 16:14
Почему не показывается скин?
Elguille31602/07/2020 15:53
Esta pasando algo ? algun problema con las pieles en la version 1,16 o porque no se puede lanzar ? esta tan complicado ?
GustavoAlpha02/07/2020 15:48
minha skin não carrega nessa nova verção ;-;
chara11099902/07/2020 15:31
скин дайте пж!
itsAndrewYT02/07/2020 14:44
hi tlauncher can you give us skins for 1.16 i like your launcher soo much but please give us skins for 1.16
Linkiss02/07/2020 13:55
Когда добавят optifine?