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Minecraft 2.0 is an April fool's joke that was created on April 1, 2013. We all know that Mojang loves to make fun of the players, so they released this secret version of the game! The Internet has quite a lot of the reviews on this version of the game, so I decided to collect the most interesting moments, which are not found anywhere! But you can download Minecraft 2.0 by yourself and look for all the changes!

At first glance, it seems that this is a usual version of the game, but after a couple of seconds after the map creation, you will be struck by lightning, thunder and confronted by a bunch of charged creepers who want to blow up your little heart, the fire wrapped you in a ring and you start to panic, but...

Mobs in Minecraft 2.0

If you open the inventory in the creative mode, you can see an interesting Etho Slab block. If you try to activate it, it will explode no worse than dynamite. From such a half-block of dynamite, you can craft a whole one putting 2 half-blocks on top of each other.

TNT in Minecraft 2.0

If you craft such a solid block of dynamite from its semi-blocks, and, in a survival mode, try to break it, then the block of dynamite will start talking to us!

Talking dynamite in Minecraft 2.0

Let's try to live a normal Minecrafter’s life and imagine the situation: you came to your home, you have iron ore that needs to be melted. Putting the ore in the furnace, you can watch as the furnace actively emits a lot of smoke. This clearly can’t be good! After a couple of melted ingots, the furnace will explode. Yes, you will not be able to melt ingots for a long time.

Stoves in Minecraft 2.0

Of course, the version is not without new mobs. For example, a blue chicken may spawn with some chance. However, it isn’t just a chicken, if you hit it, all the chickens in the vicinity will attack you until your death!

Chicken in Minecraft 2.0

If you have a pig spawn egg, you can try your luck and spawn a unique pig. Also, do not forget that you should not overfeed pigs, otherwise they will burst!

Pigs Screenshot 1 in Minecraft 2.0

Pigs Screenshot 2 in Minecraft 2.0

What do you know about sheep? Certainly, the fact that they can be of different colors and eat grass, but this is precisely what I was expecting. So, having launched this version of the game, if you feed a sheep with a golden apple, she will learn to fly! Yes, yes, just think: sheep will fly.

Flying sheep in Minecraft 2.0

A conversation with the blocks is not over today, because only a coal block can finish it. Yeah, now it also can talk if you start breaking it.

Talking block in Minecraft 2.0

Imagine the situation that you decided to distribute diamonds on spawn. You put the generator, put the diamonds in it, put the lever and use a switch. Guess what's going on? In ancient times, fish was the most expensive resource on Earth, and the developers certainly recalled it and now fish will be produced instead of diamonds.

Replacing items in the dispenser Minecraft 2.0

And what other secrets Minecraft 2.0 contains? Find out for yourself, trying to play this funny, but at the same time complex survival game. Have a nice game!

Even if you have TLauncher, use the installer anyway to make version 2.0 appear in the launcher.

Download (Windows)


progamex05/06/2020 00:51
¿como se descarga?
ham254401/06/2020 07:38
does anybody in here know english?
TeamSnow30/05/2020 18:25
Bei mir lädt sich der Launcher nur neu in der Version 2.63 herrunter!
TheRTPPlay25/05/2020 12:07
comant:/open minecraft 2.0
57595722/05/2020 14:54
Pofig_2118/05/2020 12:59
я захожу и чисто килл XD Круто)! ЛАЙК (!)
mart_3rtty17/05/2020 19:32
трава красна скин мого скина краш и телаунчер краш
mart_3rtty17/05/2020 19:31
разробочик зробив помилку
mart_3rtty17/05/2020 19:29
телаунчери цьому конец он так крашнувси
loxotroller14/05/2020 11:00
Поч майн не запускается на этой версии?
ffdss12/05/2020 08:10
пж скажите где скачать
Rikoleetic10/05/2020 21:26
joanasenpai27/04/2020 21:48
65231421/04/2020 20:41
خیلی باحاله !
Bequu445716/04/2020 20:26
DaviFoxxxx07/04/2020 18:25
nossa melhor versao de todas e essa ai
franklin2112121203/04/2020 13:04
Administrator_00230/03/2020 15:23
this minecraft version are best
PhilipGamerTV30/03/2020 06:10
is dvd
ppolenoo28/03/2020 02:11
ppolenoo28/03/2020 02:10
eeeerrrtt17/03/2020 19:34
SesureacNick14/03/2020 21:04
how downlaoad
SesureacNick14/03/2020 21:03
UJVFDGV11/03/2020 14:14
КЛАССНЫЙ МАЙНКРАФТ! у меня сначала не было вариантов игр!
MajorMarijuana02/03/2020 18:39
fraxner02/03/2020 06:00
lebanten las manos que juega call of duty mobile
barkknignt45925/02/2020 19:09
а не должно быть
barkknignt45925/02/2020 19:09
я запустил а майнкрафт 2.0 не запускается
sonic_pro_mimi22/02/2020 18:04
TcLwolppro19/02/2020 11:12
TcLwolppro19/02/2020 11:11
SanyaREAPER22811/02/2020 16:10
прив подписывайтесь на канал Jester Raid
noob138891010/02/2020 20:19
eduardooohj08/02/2020 06:52
Nastena201604/02/2020 12:20
стаямба стаямба как зайти а
FlashpointTV03/02/2020 14:40
Downloading now!
Lebbex30/01/2020 16:33
tob_foxy30/01/2020 02:52
oi oi
gio20202020200225/01/2020 15:14
herobrine . ??
gio20202020200225/01/2020 10:21
_YT_Blaizer_14/01/2020 14:19
найс оруу
Zombie_new12/01/2020 06:08
ха ха! я уже поиграл в 2,0 и я знаю что если золотым яблоком кликнуть на овцу тогда она взлетит в небо!
rol42010/01/2020 13:27
Maxim0405201204/01/2020 15:32
та замалчите
ruidcjwducjdwuj01/01/2020 23:37
ребята когда сразу качаете v2.0 будет вылитать,ПОДОЖДИТЕ!Хотя-бы 5-7минут или 49 секунд.Я подождал и всё хорошо и я играю.Не работает этот способ,пишите разрабам!
ruidcjwducjdwuj30/12/2019 13:33
у меня крашается
ruidcjwducjdwuj30/12/2019 13:30
если качается тлаунчер так должно быть
KinSugaKookiez28/12/2019 04:29
it doesnt work
KinSugaKookiez28/12/2019 04:19
ScienceMoth28/12/2019 00:31
Croney27/12/2019 21:15
ardacan25/12/2019 20:58
gizel gibi görünüyor bi indirelim görürüz bu fotolar daki gibiyse harika olur la
ardacan25/12/2019 20:44
güzel gibi görünüyor
KOROZIYA22/12/2019 17:02
Смешно однако :3
flashteens17/12/2019 08:08
_XxX_SeNpaI_XxX_14/12/2019 17:57
АХАХАХАХАХАХХАХАХАА я ржал просто с майна xD просто ору)лол я ору
WisinGamer14/12/2019 16:26
2.0 .v.
vaxo2307/12/2019 13:25
barkknignt45907/12/2019 12:10
я скачал а там много натписи
31gret07/12/2019 05:12
edul122101/12/2019 19:48
anameis26/11/2019 22:18
Romasrs26/11/2019 15:06
где можно скачать майнкрафт с модами
barkknignt45924/11/2019 20:30
какой тлаунчер?
Nynnsext23/11/2019 19:07
VItiREX18/11/2019 15:42
у меня не запускается.говорит что:у меня нет нужных документов для запуска.
LEFTY_fnaf513/11/2019 10:25
не скачивайте крашится
LEFTY_fnaf513/11/2019 10:17
выглядит интересно
Karyna_Girl09/11/2019 20:33
э э -
emirprohk02/11/2019 20:19
barkknignt45931/10/2019 18:54
скорее надо скачать
hitormiss123xd29/10/2019 03:10
mingual300915/10/2019 15:56
XxX_IuLiAn11_XxX12/10/2019 15:11
ата самы лучже минекрафт
MrSmileGame201910/10/2019 17:08
это крутой майнкрафт просто супер
ClarkVPro05/10/2019 12:08
its messy
dimarikkill04/10/2019 16:52
фу вирус
FrostHeck30/09/2019 10:01
noob Game
micro2softy26/09/2019 09:08
mohitgehlot17/09/2019 20:41
HA you gays are nice
4asnu4ok_ly4o4ok14/09/2019 19:30
Bubu3212/09/2019 14:32
trunksisdepressed45611/09/2019 04:15
Milisa6610/09/2019 14:49
знаете что игра мне понравилась хотя я играю первый раз!
Milisa6610/09/2019 14:48
знаете что игра очень хорошая!
MXR_SHAX10/09/2019 13:23
MXR_SHAX10/09/2019 13:23
MXR_SHAX10/09/2019 13:23
_Maxim_Ahra27/08/2019 12:06
Почему вечно крашится?
PashaVS9617/08/2019 16:00
Почему вечно крашится?
videoplay201131/07/2019 10:20
Уменя качаеться tlauncher что делать?
mili2202/07/2019 17:19
фУ меня вопрос а как скачать а
david22201029/06/2019 13:44
SqdMort25/06/2019 21:06
администраторы в лаунчере версия не запускается
Cemka111025/06/2019 12:18
я не скачал
PASHAnaysha16/06/2019 20:49
nomaxvaganoviop15/06/2019 15:27
привет мне походу понравится
munch0815/06/2019 09:37
крутая игра
munch0815/06/2019 09:34